Free LIFDI measurement service

We offer free LIFDI measurements to demonstrate the feasability of the method with your samples. Just send us the sample, we measure it on our Q-TOF for free.

Sample preparation

Sample preparation is easy. Simply deposit a tiny bit of analyte in a standard autosampler vial with rubber septum. If the sample is air sensitive, do so in a glove box. Please also send a vial with (dry) solvent.

LIFDI supports many organic and inorganic solvents like Toluene, Ethanol, THF, DMSO and more. Not well supported are water and solvents with a high freezing point like acetonitrile.

Put the vials in a tightly closable flask and add some paper tissues or similar to prevent the vials from breaking.


Please always contact us for shipping instructions and further details.


Please be aware that we don’t analyze explosives, illegal drugs, highly toxic or radioactive compounds.

Commercial Service

The service is free for evaluation purposes. If you occasionally need a LIFDI analysis but not often enough to warrant your own LIFDI source, we also offer a commercial service starting from 65€ per sample.